Why eSignatures are a Sales Leader’s Best Friend

"Why eSignatures are a Sales Leader’s Best Friend" header image

Sales leaders today are under more pressure than ever to stay on top of their teams productivity; improve the customer experience; and implement new tools to keep their teams connected, engaged, and on top of pipeline. And when it comes to new business, anything that shortens the sales cycle and speeds up time to close is considered a big win!

eSignatures have been shown to improve contract turnaround rates by as much as 80% while reducing sales related admin and automating key activities like sending contracts out for signature, reminding prospects to sign, and simplifying the signature request process when multiple parties are involved.

Check out our infographic below to see how you can keep your team agile and unencumbered while working remotely, all while eliminating bottlenecks and improving the sales process at the most crucial points.

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