What We Learned After Launching Our New Signer Experience

What We Learned After Launching Our New Signer Experience

Just last November, we launched a brand new signer experience at HelloSign. Our goal with the new version was to make signing simple and delightful across all devices. 

Since the release, hundreds of thousands of signers have completed their documents using the updated version and it’s time we share some of our findings. After all, we made these changes for you! 

Here’s what we learned in the four months since launching our new signer experience.

It’s faster.

We understand some documents are long and complex. And while we can’t cut down the number of pages or simplify the language in the document, we can make moving through the document and finding required fields a lot easier. And that’s exactly what we did.

After pushing out the release, we’re happy to report that users are completing documents faster than ever. This is in part because we made the navigation more intuitive (it’s easier to get through a document) and added features that cut down on repetitive actions (like “insert everywhere”).

More people are completing documents on their phones.

In fact, our mobile completion rate jumped significantly, more than doubling! 

A top goal for HelloSign is that our users feel confident signing documents from any device. As such, we worked on several updates to make the mobile signing experience even better for you. 

Features like “insert everywhere” make it easier for people to fill out long documents on their phones. The page is also built to be responsive to your phone so it automatically resizes and adjusts the layout to keep everything in view at all times. 

If you want to get a feel for the specific updates, you can check it out for yourself or see specific signer page updates on our original new signer experience blog post.

Completion rate is up by 9.5% for desktop signing.

A constant focus for the product team is to build solutions that are optimized for the device they’re being used on. While there’s some overlap between a desktop computer and a smartphone, they also have their differences. We always want to take advantage of each device’s strengths to make the experience the best it can be. 

One way we measure what's working and what's not for each device is by tracking the percentage of people who complete a document. Knowing this number helps us focus on areas where people drop off. Since the new signer experience drastically cuts down on friction and obstacles, the completion rate on desktop reflects that! 

After the new signer experience launched with our updates, completion rate went up a whopping 9.5%.

User feedback shapes a great product.  

The new signer experience was a result of direct feedback from our users. We started the new signer experience by talking to users of our existing product and watching testers go through a series of tests. 

Once we had a thorough understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of our existing product, we worked with the Creative team to flush out the initial concept, outlying what we wanted to keep and what we wanted to change. Then it was back to users for more feedback. That process continued until we rolled out the new version to 100% of our users. 

It was well worth the effort! As a product team and a company, nothing is more fulfilling than knowing that something we’ve spent countless hours on has made a proven difference in a user’s experience. And we greatly appreciate all of the feedback we’ve gotten!

So what’s next?

After every big launch, we take time to think about what went well, what didn’t, and how we can improve the next time. This helps us stay focused on constant improvement and better able to avoid repeating the same mistakes twice. 

After gathering our learnings, you can expect us to continue improving the HelloSign experience. Please continue to send us any and all of your feedback. It makes a huge difference in what we focus on and motivates our whole team. 

Also, if you haven’t experienced the new signer experience, log in to your HelloSign account or create a free HelloSign account here and give it a try. 

Thanks again for the support!      

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