How to Run Your Independent Insurance Agency on Google Apps for Work: Part 1 of 3

Run Your Independent Insurance Agency on Google Apps for Work: Part 1 of 3

This is the first article in a three-part series on using Google Apps for Work to run your independent insurance agency. Read part and two and three of this blog series.   

Google is certainly more than the search engine it started out as in 1998. Today you can run your entire insurance agency on Google Apps for Work. Its foundation is Gmail but there are now several other tools your independent insurance agency can use to boost productivity around communication, document workflow and collaboration. And because everything is in the cloud, you'll get work done wherever you are and from most any device.

Communicate with Gmail, Hangouts, Calendar and Google+

One of the benefits of using Gmail as part of Google Apps for Work is the ability to use custom email with your own domain name. It's better to send email from instead of Your email correspondence looks much more professional when it is branded with your company’s name. 

And with the HelloSign for Gmail plug-in, you can open, edit and sign documents in Gmail and automatically load the document as an attachment to be sent. This simple and easy to use extension of the HelloSign service has three main benefits:

1. Stay focused on the tasks at hand

Forget downloading and then uploading to another site. Now you never need to even leave Gmail to sign a document.

2. Conduct business in no time flat

It takes less than 30 seconds to sign a document. Which means you'll have time to answer all those other emails in your inbox.

3. Don't worry, we’ve got your back

All signed documents are legally-binding and automatically backed up in your HelloSign account with all your other important signed documents.

HelloSign for Gmail is a free plug-in. Give it a try!   

Hangouts is Google Apps for Work’s video conferencing service. Today's customers do not want to wait around for information. Capture their attention with a quick Google Hangout to help close the deal at their convenience.  Hangouts also include screen sharing. This is handy if you are giving a presentation to a prospect and would like to include slides or a demo. Are members of your team traveling? Host an online meeting with up to fifteen people from wherever everyone happens to be. 

When you use Google Calendar, you can share special events with customers or let prospects know when you're available with easy calendar publishing.  Going back and forth in emails trying to schedule a meeting wastes a lot of time. is a Gmail add-on that makes it easy to schedule meetings directly inside Gmail. It connects to your Google Calendar and helps you propose dates and times that your meeting guests can then choose from.

Getting Started and Pricing

Google Apps for Work offers two plans including unlimited storage and Google Vault.  Each plan can be purchased monthly or annually  

Continue to learn how to run your insurance agency with Google Apps for Work in part three and two of this blog series.   

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