HelloSign Lands in Leader Category on the G2 Crowd eSignature Grid

HelloSign Lands in Leader Category on the G2 Crowd eSignature Grid

Today we’re delighted to share that HelloSign landed in the Leader category of the Summer 2017 E-Signature Grid Report on G2 Crowd. G2 crowd is the world’s leading software review platform making it an extra special win.

HelloSign also took the prize for the highest user satisfaction score out of 19 other eSignature providers, including DocuSign. According to the report, HelloSign earned a 90% Net Promoter Score – the highest of any provider in the leader category.

Users on G2 Crowd ranked HelloSign the highest out of all other eSignature providers in the leader category for:

  • Enterprise scalability
  • Integration APIs
  • Net Promoter Score (90%)
  • Ease of document signing
  • Reminders and expirations
  • Signature workflow
  • Overall ease of use
  • Meeting necessary requirements

This award comes after we announced a $16 million dollar series B and a suite of new Enterprise features for administrators.

More About the G2 Crowd Summer 2017 E-Signature Grid Report

G2 Crowd’s eSignature Grid represents “the democratic voice of real software users” and is designed to aid technology buyers with detailed information and reviews from actual users to help them make the best possible decisions when it comes to choosing a software.

For vendors, media, investors, and analysts, the G2 Crowd Grid provides benchmarks for product comparison and market trend analysis. The Grid takes into account both the customer satisfaction and market presence of a software, and then weighs those scores along with quality of user reviews and a wealth of data aggregated from online sources and social networks.

HelloSign’s Continued Dedication to Putting Users First

Back in March 2017 we announced our win for ease of implementation on G2 Crowd, and we talked about our dedication to putting user experience first. That same value applies here, too.

HelloSign’s COO Whitney Bouck summed it up best:

“It’s incredibly rewarding to know that feedback from our actual users propelled us into the Leader category of the G2 Crowd eSignature Grid amongst companies much larger than us.

This is a testament not only to how efficiently we work as a team, but how vigilant we are about putting our users first in every decision we make. Because of our agility we’re able to make a valuable product without all of the unnecessary clunkiness you see in Enterprise software, and our users love that.”

Our Investment in the Enterprise

We’re particularly excited to see that we ranked highest amongst competitors for both enterprise scalability and our API.

As mentioned above, we recently released a suite of enterprise features aimed to improve the experience of using HelloSign in a team setting for administrators. And because of our clean documentation, industry-only API dashboard, shortest integration time, great API support, and integrations with Oracle, Salesforce, Google (and more!), the HelloSign API continues to gain popularity with developers.

We’re excited to continue making great products that allow our users to do great work.

Try HelloSign for Yourself

If you’re a business looking for a way to integrate eSignatures into your workflow, check out our plans!

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