Electronic Signature: Key Component of the Real Estate Tool Kit

eSignature Advice from a Real Estate Agent

As we’ve continued to develop HelloSign for real estate businesses, we’ve noticed more and more real estate professionals incorporating eSignatures into their workflows. In order to gain some insight as to exactly why the eSignature has been such a hit in the real estate industry, we sat down with HelloSign user Nick Warren, President and CEO of Warren Residential Group in Downtown Boston.

Warren’s company largely deals with relocation clients - those who are moving to Boston from out of state or out of the country. For renters, Warren has to gather about a half dozen signatures for every deal from the initial application to the final lease. In many cases, there are multiple tenants, so he needs several different signatures on several different documents from several different people, who might be located in several different places. And he needs to do it fast. 

 “Time is of the essence in a hot market because things need to get done quickly,” Warren explains. 
“Signing everything online speeds up the process for clients and for us. We don’t have to worry about tracking everyone down and getting them in the same room at the same time.”

Even for his local clientele, Warren notes that the eSignature is key, “Just about all of my clients are professionals--and everyone is busy.”

Rather than waiting on clients to come to his office to sign the paperwork, Warren takes things into his own hands and delivers the documents to them, right where they are: on their computers, tablets, and phones. Warren prepares the digital paperwork for his clients using HelloSign and sends it to their e-mail addresses via the HelloSign interface. 

Then, his renters or buyers receive the paperwork via e-mail and can open the documents on their computers, tablets, or mobile devices, enter their signatures in the designated places, click “I agree,” and the signed documents are automatically e-mailed back to Warren. 

Everyone’s on e-mail, and with the audit trail, you can see each time a person opens and views a document. So there is really no excuse for sitting on a document when it’s delivered to your e-mail on a silver platter. 

But what about clients who aren’t tech-savvy? Admittedly, that seems to be everyone’s worst fear. What if a client doesn’t understand what to do? 

Warren says he’s had very little pushback or confusion when it comes to paperless signing. Occasionally he’ll work with a client who is wary of technology and wants to be walked through the process step by step the first time. 

“I just show them there’s nothing complicated about it - it’s so self explanatory you don’t really even have to walk them through it.  They get it. I might tell them you get an email with a link in it. It’s perfectly legal and all of that. Once they get over that and realize it’s legit - they love it.” 

“Overall, it’s a time saver. It saves your time, it saves your clients’ time, and it makes you look tech savvy without you really having to be. All of my clients have been impressed, when they do it once, they don’t want to it any other way.”

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