5 Videos Your Sales Team Needs

5 Videos Your Sales Team Needs

According to Unisource Worldwide, 90% of users say that seeing a video about a product is helpful in the decision process. That means videos are no longer a “nice to have” sort of marketing asset and are now essential tools in any marketing team’s toolbelt. 

If you’re not already creating videos, you better get to it! Your Sales team could reap the benefits of increased conversion rates, better qualified leads, or faster closing rates. However, there are so many different videos you could create, so where do you get started? 

To help you out, we’ve listed the top 5 videos you need to help enable your sales team.

1. Explainer Videos

Explainer videos take complex ideas and explain the idea in two minutes or less. You can use these to illustrate your company’s vision, product, or new feature. Explainer videos allow companies to really bring out the company’s voice and style. No need for screenshots; These videos allow you to show off whether your company is light and playful or witty and clever. 

The best part is that explainer videos can increase conversion rates. When Dropbox added a video to their site, they were able to see a 10% increase in sign ups. That’s a pretty compelling reason to have an explainer video. 

If you haven’t seen this explainer video by Dollar Shave Club already, you need to. It’s a great example of a live action-style explainer video that went viral. It has over 22 million views, but it’s so clever you won’t be left wondering why:


2. General Product Walkthrough Video

A general product walkthrough video teaches users how the product works, and why they should care. It’s a little bit different from an explainer video, because it goes into the product, and it’s not so high level. 

Keep in mind that this video isn’t meant to take the viewer through every click in the product. Show just enough to tell you audience how great the product is and why they need to try it out. 

You can use these videos all over your site and in your help center to educate your prospects and existing customers. By showing prospective leads how the product works through videos, the leads that come through to your Sales team will be better educated and more qualified. 

Here’s an example of what we created for HelloSign. It’s a quick walkthrough of the core functionality of our product--requesting for eSignatures. You’ll notice that we also kept the video short (under 2 minutes), so we wouldn’t lose any viewers.


3. Testimonial

Your Sales team can tell their prospects how great the product is all they want. There’s no better way to show your prospects that you have a solid product and your customers love you than by hearing it straight from your customers. 

With a testimonial video, customers can share what problems they had before they used your product, and how they benefited after using it. Once prospects hear the social proof of other companies, they may feel more compelled to make a purchase decision. In fact, according to WebDAM, “Customer testimonials have the highest effectiveness rating for all types of content marketing, with a rating of 89%.” 

Here’s a customer story compilation from Box, who featured GE, Flex, and Schneider Electric in a testimonial:


4. How-To Video

Leads and even customers try to avoid jumping on a phone call or screenshare with a person. Why have a live person show you the product when you could just hit “play”? 

A “How-to” video will go in-depth into the product, so viewers can see all the key features. This video is your opportunity to showcase all the bells and whistles of the product without having to worry about adding animations or fancy transitions. You can just get straight to the product and show off what makes it great. Here’s a great video tutorial by Slack on how to get your team onto the product. 

It’s a great video if you’ve just started using product:


5. Thought Leader Video

Creating a thought leader video is a great way for your company to show off its expertise in your industry. The main purpose of this video is to educate the viewers about a subject you’re an expert in. (Ideally, your company would be an expert in the industry.) 

Your viewers should be able to walk away from the video feeling smarter and wiser on the subject. 

A word of caution: Keep in mind that a thought leader video is instructional, not promotional. So if you’re starting to talk about your own product in the video, you might want to hit the brakes and rethink whether your video is truly a thought leader piece. 

Moz is an expert in creating extremely valuable thought leader videos on SEO. The co-founder of Moz, Rand Fishkin, hosts a video series every Friday called “Whiteboard Friday.” 

He teaches you anything from SEO basics to more complex SEO problems without ever mentioning the product:


Needless to say, if your company is wondering if they should start producing videos, the answer is a loud “YES!” Videos are here to stay, and are a crucial piece to a prospect’s journey to purchase.

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